Vanity Project

To celebrate the 60th birthday of Murray Fahey on 2 May 2022, he is collecting stories from people he has worked with, performed with, people who know him, or audience members who have seen him perform or seen his films.

You are all invited to take part.

Please record a video memory on your phone or lap top and upload your story, message, or images that you would like to share.

Think of it as a living eulogy. 


Why a Vanity Project

A life is a collection of thousands of stories. As we get older we tend to forget how wonderful some of the magic moments were that make up a person's life. Too often it is left to late and the stories are only retold at the person's funeral. Amazing stories are recalled from people who knew the deceased, that the deceased will never hear.

So why not put those stories into words now? So the living can see what you really think about them? A living eulogy or comedy roast! That's how the Vanity Project started. Each submission will be added to create a film full of memories told from different points of view. So record your memory and let's see the life of Murray Fahey unfold before us.


Submission rules

1. Copyright

What you submit is the Work. In submitting the Work you warrant that it is your work. i.e. you filmed it and have said it (even if it's a story based on something that happened in Murray's life).  You own the Work. 

2. Unlimited Licence

In submitting the Work you agree to give an unlimited licence to Murray Fahey to reproduce and broadcast the Work in perpetuity throughout the universe. That's right we are going big!

3. Edit & Credit

In submitting the Work you agree Murray can edit the work (he is a film maker after all) and he agrees that he will give you a credit for the Work. 

4. Payment

There is no payment! 

PS: you also agree to this. 
5. Copies of the work

Yes, you can have a copy when it is finished, just make sure you leave an email address. 

6. I 'm shy & I don't know what to say

Say anything, any story of a memory. If you are really stuck just say Happy Birthday. Please don't sing Happy Birthday as it is a really expensive song to put in a film!  



I uploaded a story about Murray when he was in school aged five dressed as Wee Willy Winky.

- Anne (Murray's  Mum)

Why submit

Be a star and help celebrate 60 years of Murray Fahey

You are all characters in my story and I am one in yours. It's time to share and hear your point of view.

To many to thank

There are many people who have shaped my life and this is my way for you to express your memories, feelings, thoughts, words, moments - be they happy, sad, comical or wonderous. 

Let me count the ways

A simple hello.

Retell a moment.

Sing a song.

Give a tribute.

Show a picture.

1,000 more ways to

 chose how you tell your memory.



Stories from theatre, film, the arts. 


Stories from family & friends. 

Murray photo

Stories from business & law. 

murray pic 2013

Not a video upload? For images click HERE