You are invited to tell part of a life story


What is the Vanity Project?


Think if it as a living eulogy or a comedy roast. A recall of a moment in the life of a person. A special moment in the person's life that affected you. It's told in your words and from your point of view. It is one of thousands of moments that make up a life, which is a lifetime of stories.

The idea is simple - why not put that memory moment into words now, so the living can see and hear what you saw and heard? That's how the Vanity Project started. A challenge to retell a person's life as a collection of stories. 

You are asked to record and tell in your own words your memory of a specific moment in the persons life and upload it. Each uploaded clip shall be added to another till a film is created that tells many stories from one person's life. Two stories will never be the same as they are all told from different points of view.

Record your memory and add to the life story


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